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FTA Communications 8000 TV Receiver
The iLink 9000 Plus offers you an affordable solution to receive free-to-air satellite data. Powered by a new chipset, this iLink FTA receiver is much faster than previous models. A built-in Ethernet port allows you to get easy firmware upgrades for this iLink satellite receiver. The iLink 9000 Plus...
$19.95 to $179.95 from 8 stores
Sonicview SV-360 Elite TV Receiver
Bring home the Sonicview SV-360 Elite to get clear reception of your favorite channels. This Sonicview receiver picks up television signals through its antenna and then converts into digital signals to be displayed on screen. You receive a variety of channels, from sports, news, entertainment, and e...
$62.94 to $79.95 from 3 stores
Humax T800 (80 GB) DVR
HUMAX, the creator of the Easy Digital Revolution, has designed the 80-hour TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder with simplicity of use in mind, but incorporated the most technologically advanced features. By partnering with TiVo, the leader in DVR services, HUMAX is putting the power of entertainmen...
$129.95 to $129.95 from 1 stores
Limesat Ultra HD DVR
Enjoy entertainment like never before with the Limesat Ultra receiver. Featuring ultra-fast advanced EEPG, this Limesat receiver offers a variety of programs to choose from. Also with the channel search function of this TV receiver, looking for your favorite program in the list becomes easy and conv...
$24.85 to $24.85 from 1 stores
Dreambox DM 500S TV Receiver
Connect to satellites with the Dreambox DM 500S receiver to enjoy live air entertainment. The 250 MHz IBM PowerPC processor in this Dreambox satellite receiver delivers faster and efficient performance. The MPEG2 Hardware decoding in this digital receiver ensures playability of advanced file formats...
$69.99 to $79.99 from 3 stores
Tivo Tcd750500 Premiere 4 Digital Video Recorder (black)
This item is new other.Listing includes:TiVo Premiere 4 Series Box Remote Control (2) AA Batteries HDMI Cable User Guide...

$150.00 from
iLink IR-210 HDMI PVR FTA Satellite Receiver
The new 2012 model iLink IR-210 comes equipped with an HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port, a PVR functionality so you can record all your favorite shows and an ethernet port to allow the i-Link to connect to the internet....

$83.00 from
SK900 8PSK Module Board Adapter for Freesat 800 HD FTA Receiver
SK900V 8PSK Board For Freesat 800 HD FTA Receiver....

$27.69 from
Fta S810b Receiver With Hdmi For Galaxy 19 (97w). Over 200 Channel Free...
FAST SHIPPING WATCH OVER 200 CHANNEL FOR FREE NEW MODEL FTA S810B WITH HDMI PORT AND PVR READY. CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO DEMO FOR FEATURES AND OVER 200 CHANNELS Click here to see English Channel Click here to see Vietnamese (Vietfacetv, VBS, Little Saigon, Saigon TV, and VTV-4) Channel Click here to ...

$49.99 from
Fta Free To Air Direct Dishnet Work
WE INSTALL AND RE-POINT ALL SATELLITE SYSTEMS IN MINNESOTA.FTA, DIRECTV, DISHNETWORK, SHAW DIRECT, GALAXY 19, 97W Products We install HD and STD DirectV 18 ,18X20, 36X30 INTERNATIONAL DISH AND HD, KA/KU SLIMLINE3,5, SWM3,SWM5 single line, - 95,101,99,103,110 and 119 for Spanish Programming, Wild Blu...

$90.00 from
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