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Virtual Kasparov (PlayStation, 2001)
Virtual Kasparov brings the world champion chess expert to the PlayStation in a tour-de-force of teaching, techniques, gameplay and options geared toward learning or simple enjoyment of the ultimate strategy contest. The game features three languages (English, French and Spanish), eight types of che...
$23.99 to $29.99 from 2 stores
Disney's Treasure Planet (PlayStation, 2002)
This PlayStation game is based on the Disney film of the same title, which is an animated, science fiction retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. Players take the role of the young Jim who, as in earlier versions of the story, sets off on a spirited adventure of pirate-fighting and t...
$7.95 to $17.57 from 4 stores
Allied General (Sony PlayStation 1, 1996)
ALLIED GENERAL is a strategy game based on World War II. It is most definitely not a member of the new breed of the modern, real-time war games, inspired by the excellent COMMAND AND CONQUER. Instead, ALLIED GENERAL favors the more traditional, turn-based style of strategy gameplay, and does a good ...
$99.99 to $99.99 from 1 stores
NCAA Football 2000 (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999)
NCAA FOOTBALL 2000 has all the gameplay options you expect from a college football sim: Exhibition, Tournament, Great Games, Season, Practice, and Dynasty. You also get 114 division I-A and 26 new division I-AA teams, meaning you're likely to find your favorite squad on the roster. If you're feeling...
$19.95 to $19.95 from 1 stores
Barbie Race & Ride (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999)
Barbie makes her first appearance on the PlayStation console with a new equestrian action game published by Mattel Media. With Barbie Race & Ride, you can now choose, care for, and groom your own virtual horses. You can also initiate many activities, from inviting friends out for casual horseback ri...
$34.99 to $34.99 from 1 stores
Sheep (PlayStation, 2000)
Sheep is a combination strategy and puzzle game, featuring light elements of war or battle simulations, built around a wacky story in which space-faring alien explorers from millennia ago devolve into domesticated sheep on Earth. Now their ancestors are trying to round them up by secretly enlisting ...
$18.00 to $18.00 from 1 stores
Street Racquetball (PlayStation, 2002)
As in indoor racquetball courts, Street Racquetball's "outdoor" courts contain two sidewalls, a front wall, serving zones, and a receiving line -- but no ceiling. Players can opt for exhibition mode (against the computer), challenge mode (unlock new characters and courts by winning three consecutive...
$5.94 to $8.99 from 4 stores
Renegade Racers (PlayStation, 1999)
Poor Buck Billionaire -- only 30 years old and bored with life. Mount Everest, the English Channel, top speed records on air, water, land and space behind him, what could the future hold in the way of challenge and excitement? Perhaps taking a 700-foot plunge from the top of a Brooklyn Bridge cable ...
$19.99 to $19.99 from 1 stores
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (PlayStation, 1999)
Shortly after making its debut on the Dreamcast, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing hit the PlayStation. You control or fight against Afro Thunder, a big-haired boxer with flair to spare; Salua, a former Sumo wrestler with a big appetite; or one of 14 other boxers. Each contestant has a number of standard and un...
$29.99 to $29.99 from 1 stores
Kusuri No Jiten Playstation Japan Game P1
KUSURI NO JITEN Model SONY Play Station NTSC J Condition ----- GOOD(A-B-C-D-E)BAD CD - A Case - A Instruction - A Spine Card - A Contents Item is brand new. 1 Game -$ 6 2 Games -$ 9 3 Games -$12 4 Games -$15 5 Games -$18 6 Games -$21 7 Games -$23 8 Games...

$6.50 from
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