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Call of Duty: Black Ops (Sony Playstation 3, 2010)
Activision's juggernaut first-person shooter returns for its annual assault on the bad guys with a focus on clandestine operations and deniable missions in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Developed by franchise veteran Treyarch, Black Ops marks a departure for the series, in that the action unfolds in neit...
$20.95 to $104.99 from 10 stores
Sesame Street Sports (PlayStation, 2001)
Specifically aimed at younger children, Sesame Street Sports focuses on good sportsmanship and having fun over any sort of competition. Although its six events are called "races," there are no opponents to battle. Rather, players compete against themselves, trying to finish each track while running ...
$14.99 to $24.93 from 2 stores
Final Fantasy Tactics (Sony PlayStation 1, 1998)
FINAL FANTASY TACTICS' strategic battle system is a twist on the turn-based system of the other FINAL FANTASY titles. You begin as a noble squire named Ramza in a time of confusion and war in the land of Ivalice. Your best friend, a commoner named Delita, is caught in the middle of the struggle betw...
$46.79 to $149.99 from 8 stores
Aces of the Air (Sony PlayStation 1, 2002)
Aces of the Air is realistic and soaring, and it is a good choice for pushing the envelope. This Sony PlayStation 1 video game enables you to aviate and fly with skill under challenging conditions with its thrilling and responsive gameplay. This action game is intended for a single player, so you c...
$23.99 to $23.99 from 1 stores
Point Blank 2 plus Guncon (PlayStation, 1999)
Complete with what Namco claims to be "the most accurate gun ever for the PlayStation console," Point Blank 2 brings the popular Arcade game home -- and then some. With Guncon in hand (or a standard controller if you prefer), bull's-eye your way through over 70 challenging game scenarios, each inclu...
$39.95 to $99.95 from 2 stores
Phix the Adventure (PlayStation, 2003)
Billed as an action-adventure game for the whole family, this "E"-rated 3D platformer puts players in control of Phix, who must return a special object to a remote location. How was Phix to know the importance of that magic stone that fell from the sky? Still, he probably shouldn't have eaten it -- ...
$9.99 to $14.43 from 2 stores
Broken Helix (PlayStation, 1997)
Broken Helix follows the exploits of Jake Burton (voiced by Bruce Campbell), an explosives expert tasked with diffusing a series of bombs deep within a secure Area 51 facility, planted by scientists seemingly gone insane. It soon becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems, as players find t...
$14.99 to $14.99 from 1 stores
Bloody Roar (PlayStation, 1998)
Choose from eight different fighters, each with their own "spirit animal" to defeat all other fighters and a final boss in Bloody Roar, a hand-to-hand combat game in the same vein as Tekken and Virtua Fighter. Characters have special moves for inflicting damage, and can transform into spirit animals...
$59.99 to $69.99 from 2 stores
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth (Sony PlayStation 1, 2001)
The Ixian race was doing just fine in the land of Mardias until the humans came along, that is. After a great war between the races, a truce was finally reached. The humans, however, continue to launch unprovoked attacks, and it's time for you to step up and put an end to the madness. This involving...
$79.99 to $124.99 from 2 stores
Syphon Filter (PlayStation, 1999)
As Gabriel Logan, one of the government's top agents, you must neutralize the terrorists that threaten Washington D.C. and destroy a biological weapon that has been built to end the lives of millions of innocent people. The action unfolds over thirteen missions that are chock full of dangers, hazard...
$6.99 to $6.99 from 1 stores
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