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Renegade Racers (PlayStation, 1999)
Poor Buck Billionaire -- only 30 years old and bored with life. Mount Everest, the English Channel, top speed records on air, water, land and space behind him, what could the future hold in the way of challenge and excitement? Perhaps taking a 700-foot plunge from the top of a Brooklyn Bridge cable ...
$14.99 to $14.99 from 1 stores
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (PlayStation, 1999)
Shortly after making its debut on the Dreamcast, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing hit the PlayStation. You control or fight against Afro Thunder, a big-haired boxer with flair to spare; Salua, a former Sumo wrestler with a big appetite; or one of 14 other boxers. Each contestant has a number of standard and un...
$29.99 to $29.99 from 1 stores
NASCAR 99 (PlayStation, 1998)
Driver personalities, tense fender-to-fender tactics, and the white-knuckle anxiety of NASCAR's circuit speeds onto the PS in NASCAR 99. Features include 37 real-life cars (24 on the track in any given race), 17 licensed tracks, night racing, split-screen mode for two-player action, and single race ...
$20.97 to $20.97 from 1 stores
Blazing Dragons (PlayStation, 1996)
Taking place in medieval times, Blazing Dragons is a humorous graphic adventure featuring voice-overs by Cheech Marin, Harry Shearer, Terry Jones (an original member of Monty Python's Flying Circus and creator of the characters found in this game), as well as other comedians. Players assume the role...
$38.99 to $44.99 from 2 stores
Spin Jam (PlayStation, 2000)
Spin Jam is a puzzle game that involves aiming colored bubbles at flower petals. When three bubbles are united with their respective colored petal, the petal will burst. When all petals burst, you've defeated the level. Arcade mode is one of three separate ways to play Spin Jam. In it, you must chal...
$6.20 to $6.20 from 1 stores
Uprising X (PlayStation, 1998)
A war has been going on for nearly two hundred years between the cruel Imperium regime and the Rebel forces. The Rebels are beginning to turn the tides of the war to their advantage, and while the Imperium armies are by no means defeated, there is a great deal of hope in the Rebel camp.

$15.99 to $18.74 from 2 stores
My Disney Kitchen (PlayStation, 2002)
Originally released by Disney Interactive in 1998 as a hybrid title for the Macintosh and PC, My Disney Kitchen gets re-cooked for the PlayStation, courtesy of BAM! Entertainment. Young chefs learn how to prepare various dishes, create meals and experiment with zany appliances, and acquire a practic...
$26.99 to $26.99 from 1 stores
Final Round (PlayStation, 1996)
THE FINAL ROUND brings golf to your living room. Choose from six different characters, each with unique attributes, and hit the course in the Practice to mode to work on specific shots, or enjoy the thrill of competition with a Tournament or Skins Game. In every mode, excellent play-by-play commenta...
$11.24 to $16.19 from 2 stores
Billiards (PlayStation, 2001)
$22.00 to $22.00 from 1 stores
Kusuri No Jiten Playstation Japan Game Brand P1
KUSURI NO JITEN Model SONY Play Station NTSC J Condition ----- GOOD(A-B-C-D-E)BAD CD - A Case - A Instruction - A Spine Card - A Contents Item is brand new. 1 Game -$ 6 2 Games -$ 9 3 Games -$12 4 Games -$15 5 Games -$18 6 Games -$21 7 Games -$23 8 Games...

$6.50 from
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