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Final Round (PlayStation, 1996)
THE FINAL ROUND brings golf to your living room. Choose from six different characters, each with unique attributes, and hit the course in the Practice to mode to work on specific shots, or enjoy the thrill of competition with a Tournament or Skins Game. In every mode, excellent play-by-play commenta...
$11.24 to $17.99 from 2 stores
Epidemic (PlayStation)
The sequel to Kileak: The DNA Imperative, Epidemic drops players into a world plagued by a deadly disease: The Gigari virus. Having spread across the globe, it has forced the remnants of human civilization into hiding underground. Home to humanity is Neural City, which is controlled by the Byflos Gr...
$29.99 to $29.99 from 1 stores
Puzzle Star Sweep (PlayStation, 2001)
Puzzle Star Sweep is the first puzzle game in A1 Games' line of budget-oriented titles. The object of the game is to clear an area of red, yellow and blue rectangular blocks by rotating and moving them so their stars line up. Each block is the same size and contains either one or two stars. Your wel...
$12.99 to $12.99 from 1 stores
Gex (PlayStation, 1996)
Gex is a wise cracking gecko with one passion in life: to watch television. One night as he was feeding his addiction, the television went blank and a large hand grabbed the gecko, sucking him into the Media Dimension. Why? An evil fly named Rez wants Gex as the network's new mascot! The gecko's mis...
$74.99 to $74.99 from 1 stores
Grid Runner (PlayStation, 1996)
Grid Runner is a futuristic version of "tag." On offense, your objective is to capture the flags around the levels without being tagged or killed. On defense, your main objective is to tag the other player (either the computer or a friend in two-player mode) before he or she collects all the flags.<...
$13.99 to $13.99 from 1 stores
Running Wild (Sony PlayStation 1, 1998)
So you think you've seen all that racing games have to offer? Think again. This original take on racing sets you up as a bipedal animal, jumping over all sorts of obstacles in an attempt to speed past your wild competition. Each of the game's six tracks is set in a vastly different locale, presentin...
$24.99 to $24.99 from 1 stores
Thousand Arms (PlayStation, 1999)
In the quiet country of Tradguld, there are many sleepy little towns. Langoud rests on the coast, Sharan is the floating city where most of the trade and business is done, and Myscatonia is clouded in mystery and wonder. Each city has nothing in common with the other except for the fact they share t...
$174.99 to $179.99 from 2 stores
Wipeout 3 (PlayStation, 1999)
After creating two successful PlayStation titles and a Nintendo 64 version, Psygnosis returns with Wipeout 3. It takes place farther in the future than the previous three titles and finds new corporations entering the F7200 racing league with one specific goal in mind: to become the ultimate masters...
$49.95 to $49.95 from 1 stores
R-Type Delta (PlayStation, 1999)
The story of R-Type Delta throws players into the year 2163, a time of utter chaos. After suffering massive damage, the Bydo Empire has resurfaced with new plans to destroy Earth. By using the destructive newly infected Mortiz-G as a doomsday weapon, the evil empire is threatening to destroy all of ...
$134.99 to $134.99 from 1 stores
Evil Zone (PlayStation, 1999)
Even after the evil creature known as Ihadurca had been trapped and confined within the Evil Zone, the people of Kumi Island were in grave danger. Knowing all too well that the foul monster will escape in due time, the Kumi citizens organized a tournament to find out who the strongest warrior is. Be...
$64.99 to $64.99 from 1 stores
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